Autumn is your countdown to Spring

Heavy rains or dry conditions often herald a change of season. This year was no different! On top of that, you’ll notice deciduous trees’ leaves changing colour as they prepare for winter. Which is why now, autumn, is your countdown to spring. It is the best time of year to start planning the transformation of your outside space, ready for next spring and summer.

Prepare for spring and summer in autumn?

Why prepare in autumn? Glad you asked. There are three key reasons: cooler conditions, resource availability, and, importantly, good design takes time.

Cooler conditions

Autumn brings cooler conditions, which are more forgiving of new plantings. We’re moving into cooler months now, and that literally takes the heat off new plantings. A long, hot summer has also left plenty of heat in the ground to welcome new roots. Healthy root growth is key to creating that established garden look by spring.

Resource availability

We’ve noticed that most people start to plan their outside space transformation in spring or summer. It’s natural, that’s when they’re using their existing outside space the most. But, that tendency pushes up demand for landscaping services in those seasons. Consequently, this pushes out realistic deadlines for new work. So, due to typically reduced demand, autumn and winter are when you’re most likely to get some great garden building done ahead of the spring and summer rush.

Good design takes time

Finalising a good design will take time. Give yourself time to map out the transformation of your outside space. Brainstorm with your loved ones. And, importantly, work with a landscape design professional, so you don’t miss some great design opportunities. We’re fortunate to work with a range of award winning landscape architects and designers. You can find several listed here on the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers website.

Something else to consider, which designers will bring to your attention, is that there are a broad range of materials to work with in your outside space, from stone and wood, through to the current trend of Corten steel. Excitement remains around concrete – off form, polished slabs or bench tops, even cantilevered. Wherever you derive your design inspiration, we encourage you to take some time to discuss your outside space’s new design with a landscape design professional.

Garden maintenance

If you’re short of time, or simply need a hand with the gardening, now is also a great time to consider arranging scheduled maintenance of your existing outside space. Our dedicated garden maintenance team offers scheduled maintenance of the gardens outside and landscaped spaces. We’re now regularly tending outside spaces from sea level to multiple storeys above ground, being the best time now to start fertilising and getting gardens ready for the cooler months.

Personal styling

We now offer a dedicated outside space styling service. Identifying the right furniture and décor to complement your lifestyle and outside space can have a tremendous impact. Not just on how your outside space looks—but also on how it makes you feel.

Autumn is your countdown to spring, so if you’d like more information on how to prepare your outside space for next spring and summer, and make the most of autumn and winter in your outdoor space, please get in touch.