Heavy Rains!


If you’re a glass half full kind of person, then heavy rains are good for your garden beds, thirsty lawns and great for our drought affected farmers.

Heavy rains are particularly good for your production (food) gardens, and generally all landscaped areas. Heavy rain is great for filling up water tanks too!

But, heavy rains, particularly after a long dry spell, can cause many plants and their surrounds to suffer. If and when these rains happen, you should also check your gutters, drains and stormwater – make sure they’re coping with the deluge.

If any plants or garden structures show signs of stress or damage, it’s best to take quick action. Additional drainage, quick replanting or a rethink of your garden layout may be required to avoid ongoing issues from heavy downpours.

If heavy rains have literally caused cracks to appear in your outside space landscape or structures, or subsidence, slippage or erosion, then a plan of action is needed to avoid future issues. Keep in mind that, for safety reasons, any construction work planned for your garden will need to go on hold during heavy rainfall.

If you’re at all concerned about the condition of your areas outside, in terms of their ability to manage heavy rainfall, We, at Outside Space offer a range of maintenance programs to suit your needs. From one-off assessments and repairs (or drain clearing) to ongoing maintenance, we can offer ongoing peace of mind that your outside space is rainfall ready. If you have concerns about your outside spaces, please get in touch.

Also, if the rain has kept you and your family cooped up inside, maybe it’s time to consider adding or extending covered areas to your home or in your  backyard. Options abound, from planting mature trees with heavy foliage to custom built shelters or garden rooms.

A final thought – if you don’t have water tanks installed, perhaps it’s time to give it consideration. It might seem counter-intuitive with so much rain about right now, but dry spells are part of Australian life. Your garden can benefit from having water held in reserve.

Whether you’re a glass half full person and this article has given you food for thought, or your outside space is literally overflowing, give us a call to discuss your needs. We’re here to help.